Sisterhood // Family Week Day 3

The final day of family week is here!

The best way the describe my sister and I is that we’re exactly the same and incredibly different. We have very similar interest but completely different personalities. On speaker with her a few weeks ago, her friends explained how to them it sounded like she was having a conversation with herself, that’s how similar we sound.

Hannah was born in ‘95 and I was born in ‘97 (yeah, I know). Being two years apart meant that we were constantly connected growing up. We had roughly the same friends, were interested in the same things. She matured first, but because she was mature I quickly followed suit. Don’t get me wrong, there were certainly the Bad Years. We were both terrible teenagers at the same time and we fought constantly for a few years

Now we’re closer than ever. That’s how sisterhood is.

I’ve written a lot about my sister. Don’t worry, I can’t shut up about her off the internet either. She’s been a parent, a companion, a partner-in-crime, a best friend. She’s the one I call first when I’m feeling homesick or something’s wrong.

I can send her a completely obscure text in the middle of the night and she’ll get it. I can ask her some totally random question and she’ll answer without questioning. I can stay up all night with her watching the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies.

Some of the best times of my life are driving aimlessly around with all the windows rolled down and terrible sugar-pop blasting through the speakers. Laughing at bad jokes in McDonalds so late it’s morning. Movie premiers, trips to the beach in the rain, burger runs. My concept of family and to a greater extent happiness is inextricably linked to her.

In one of my classes we had to pick a stance on a series of moral questions. One of them concerned where your loyalties lie– government or family– and how strong.Me? I’m ride or die, baby. All the way til’ the end.

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