My Dirty Reading Secrets

No two readers a made alike, but spend enough time reading literature blogs and you’ll find some similarities. I feel as though I do not fit into them.

This post may insult some people. Sorry– not my intent, but a girl’s gotta vent sometime.

I hate classics. Ok, that’s not entirely true. But Brit-lit? Hell no. I’ve read Wilde, Woolf, Dickens and I just cannot get into it. It’s the language, the subjects. Anything that is more exhausting to read than enjoyable just isn’t for me. Dickens in particular makes my brain melt Shakespeare gets a pass, I do love some Shakespeare. Which leads to into…

I’ve never read a Jane Austen book. I KNOW. This blog is called Austen Almighty, which would make one think that I’m a huge Austen fan. However, two years ago I stage-managed a production of Pride and Prejudice, a script so wordy that I feel like I’ve read the novel. I had to read the script over twenty times in itself. While I’m at it, I might as well admit that I’ve never read a Bronte novel either. I know– this is not the intense reader we’re led to believe exists in movie and books themselves.

I don’t read YA. It’s not that there’s not good YA books out there, because there are. Part of this reason is because I skipped right over YA in terms of reading level. I actually greatly prefer middle-grade books. Another reason I don’t read it is because…

I hate dystopias. STOP WRITING CLICHE DYSTOPIAN NOVELS (see: YA Dystopian Novel twitter account). There are good dystopian novels– The Giver, Station Eleven, The Dog Stars to name a few. But many of the YA dystopian novel series are just tired, recycled concepts. Disclaimer: I have not read the Legend or Divergent series. I read the first two Hunger Games, but stopped because I didn’t like the second one. I read the first chapter of the Matched series. However, I don’t read them because I know I’ll hate them. While we’re at it:

No series. YA or adult. I don’t know what it is, but I can never finish series. I did (finally) finish Lord of the Rings last year, but my sister read a lot of it out loud to me. I always get bored after the first one and want to go read something else.

Well, those were my reading confession– what are yours?