Dipping Into the Quote Jar

Sorry this is a day late. Posting on Friday’s is hard.

I keep a little jar of book quotes that I’ve collected over the years. Because I have midterms coming up and am short on time, I decided to dip into the jar and pull out a few quotes to share.

1. “So it goes” –Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five

Of course, possibly one of the most well-known literary quotes ever. People get this tattooed on their body (I’ve been thinking about it, actually), but I think for good reasons! It’s a statement of being alive, of the constant battle against our human perceptions and the ways of the universe.

2. “But the sparrow still falls” –Mary Doria Russell, The Sparrow

Admittedly, I haven’t read this novel yet, but it’s high on my TBR list. My sister read it three years ago, and she read aloud from it often. This is the tail end of a larger quote: “There’s an old Jewish story that says in the beginning God was everywhere and everything, a totality. But to make creation, God had to remove Himself from some part of the universe, so something besides Himself could exist. So He breathed in, and in the places where God withdrew, there creation exists.”

So God just leaves?”

No. He watches. He rejoices. He weeps. He observes the moral drama of human life and gives meaning to it by caring passionately about us, and remembering.”

Matthew ten, verse twenty-nine: Not one sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.”

3. “Each time is true, but the truths are not the same” –Alan Lightman, Einstein’s Dreams

Einstein’s Dreams is a lovely, tiny novel, a series of vignettes and fictional account of the dreams Einstein has while working in a patent office and coming up with the theory of relativity. I can not emphasize how easy a read this is: each vignette is at most four pages long. I read almost the entire thing on a plane from Boston to Baltimore. In each vignette there is a different world where time (and truth) is displayed differently.


Five Beautiful Quotes from my Mother

Moms are cool. My Mom is really cool. She sends me quotes from books she’s reading so they can float around in my head. Here are five beautiful ones.

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“And I who was heavy that day with thoughts as small as my whole life would ever be, especially compared to the thousand shining trees, gave thanks to whatever sent her in my direction…”
Mary Oliver

I’m not actually sure what this is from. If someone knows, please drop me a comment.


“History is not just facts and events. History is also a pain in the heart and we repeat history until we are able to make another’s pain in the heart our own.”
-To be A Slave, Julis Lester



“I want to tell you I’m strong and resolute, but in truth, I feel afraid, alone and uncertain. I’m left with nothing but this strange beating in my heart that tells me I am meant to do something in this world.”
-The Invention of Wings, Sue Monk Kidd


“Henri and Etienne raced through the tall grass as the fireflies floated away from them, illuming on and off, always seeming to rise just beyond their reach, as if the earth were smoldering and these sparks that their footfalls had prodded free.”
-All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr


Also from All the Light We Cannot See:

“His voice is low and soft, a piece of silk you might keep in a drawer and pull on rare occasions, just to feel it between your fingers.”