You Can’t Have it Both Ways

The way I see it, free speech is a lot like the Electoral College. It’s a big, fundamental part of our country that smart people like the Founders figured we were better off having. But also sometimes it gets in the way of thing we want. Some people say nasty things. Donald Trump says terrible things, Milo Yiannopoulos says some terrible things, the Westboro Baptist Church says some terrible things. No one feels bad, really, about telling them to shut up. But here’s the catch– we have to let them say whatever they want. If we don’t, it undermines one of the most important institutions in the world.

You can’t have it both ways.

If you support Bernie Sanders in the presidential election (good chance, if you spend a lot of time on the internet), you probably have gotten upset over the delegation news from New Hampshire. Sanders and Clinton will likely tie, because most of the superdelegates are supporting Clinton. However, this isn’t totally set in stone, because superdelegates (which are complicated and I would not do a good job of explaining them) can do pretty much whatever they want in the end.

People got toasty over this.

Even though the Republican party has less superdelegates than the Democrats, they still have them. And this is the system that makes it pretty impossible for Donald Trump or maybe even Ted Cruz to come President. Also, it’s totally false to say the political system is corrupt because of this (it’s corrupt in other places though; if you’re going to criticize, do it right). Politics in America have literally always worked this way, since the very beginning, and actually used to be much worse in terms of party control. As they should? But the nuances of a two party system are exhausting and don’t make sense anyways.

What I mean here– is that you can’t have it both ways. You can’t support a system one minute then turn around and hate it because it suddenly interferes with your personal wants and wishes.


The Enigma of Megyn Kelly


In light of the most recent Republican debate, which without Trump turned out to be the most productive and substantial of all, I read an article about Megyn Kelly. I never watch the debates, even the Democratic ones, for the reason that I refuse to participate in the blatant media circus. Especially when it concerns Donald Trump. I don’t need to write about him, right? Good. I’m not going to.

Megyn Kelly is an interesting figure to me. Even as a Fox News host, she maintains a level of integrity which is just unprecedented in that world (she stills has her moments though, like the whole “black santa” debacle). But quite frankly, I think the world would be better with a few more people like her around.

She’s composed. Everyone’s seen the clips of Bill O’Reilly screaming at the guests on his show. This was especially apparent at the debate last night, where Kelly looked sharp and had sharp question. Also she looked, well, like a boss. She challenged the candidates and stayed calm in the face of Ted Cruz’s pretty amazing debate skills (he may not be likable, but that man can sure debate his ass off). Megyn Kelly kicked ass and I was happy to see her do it. Which is crazy! She’s a tool of the propaganda machine Fox News!

Youtube commenters were not. Doing research for this post I watched clips of the debate, particularly the parts where she demolished Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio on their immigration policies (which, as Salon says, mirrored Daily Show tactics). Pretty much all the comments were trumpeting Trump or calling Kelly a bitch. What is it like, you ask, to have to read through this drivel? Like pulling teeth, I would say.

But Megyn Kelly is not “very biased” as Trump says. She’s the best Fox News has. Well, journalistically speaking.