The Great Skate

The Great Skate, Bangor Location Study The Great Skate, Bangor Maine, is a place out of time. An old school roller rink, I think, because it’s not like I know what an old school roller rink actually looks like. There was a place to skate when I was a kid growing up, where my middle … Continue reading The Great Skate


Somewhere in the Woods

Location study: Orono, Maine The little town of Orono (you don't pronounce the second 'o'), Maine, is home to the University of Maine flagship campus. It’s small in footprint and there’s hardly any parking, strange considering there’s extremely limited housing in walking distance. A lot of trees. A few months ago, one of the first … Continue reading Somewhere in the Woods

The Simple Beauty of Maine // Independent Assignment

Today's post is another independent assignment, featuring my favorite place on Earth, Maine. This video was taken and edited by Johnny Beavers, who as far as I can tell is a film maker who makes pretty videos, mostly with drones. And this video is very, very pretty. The footage is from Midcoast Maine, in the … Continue reading The Simple Beauty of Maine // Independent Assignment

The Saddest, Loveliest Place on Earth

Location study: Millinocket, Maine  Millinocket Maine is a place hardly anyone has heard of-- in New England or elsewhere. Not exactly surprising; anything north of Bangor is essentially the middle of nowhere. This is a place where the speed limit is 70 and highway is divided by honest-to-god mountains in places. Once upon a time … Continue reading The Saddest, Loveliest Place on Earth