Lessons from Sophomore Year

As I mentioned in my previous post, Sophomore year of college was quite the doozy—the Spring semester especially. It seemed that I was constantly either at work or doing my homework, with very little time for socializing or sleeping. Several times I felt extremely burnt out and spent a week in bed watching Netflix, dissociating, … Continue reading Lessons from Sophomore Year


Weird Sunburns and New Tattoos: the Start of Summer 2017

I have undeniably been terrible in every way about updating this poor, neglected blog. Hey! Who knew college was actually really difficult and time consuming! I do, now. It’s even difficult to write about what I’ve been reading, because I honestly have not been reading as of late. My Goodreads account pleasantly informs me that I … Continue reading Weird Sunburns and New Tattoos: the Start of Summer 2017

What Do I Want? (A Frequent Evaluation)

Ok. Hello. It’s no secret I’ve been really, really bad with posting over the summer. No, not even summer, since April. There are reasons, like family events and mental exhaustions, but truthfully I always thought this would happen. I’m not great at consistency, but the intense structure of college provided me with a schedule which … Continue reading What Do I Want? (A Frequent Evaluation)