The Art Assignment // Independent Assignment

I have midterms next week (cue hysteria), which means studying and papers galore. I basically have no time to write, so today’s post is an independent assignment.

Head on over to the Youtube channel the Art Assignment (by Sarah Green, yes, wife of John Green). It’s an amazing resource for creative people interested in art, especially contemporary art. I’m in the process on writing an essay based off the one below in particular. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


The Simple Beauty of Maine // Independent Assignment

Today’s post is another independent assignment, featuring my favorite place on Earth, Maine.

This video was taken and edited by Johnny Beavers, who as far as I can tell is a film maker who makes pretty videos, mostly with drones. And this video is very, very pretty. The footage is from Midcoast Maine, in the regions of Boothbay and Bristol. If you’ve ever been to Acadia National Park, it’s around there.

Nothing more to say. Here is a nice, relaxing video for everyone’s Monday.

Independent Assignment // MLK Day

Oh, MLK day. One of the stranger “holidays” in my opinion. A day where many college students will be returning to school, a day off that has students celebrating. A day where many people pretend to remember and honor a truly great man; a day where others honestly remember him and have deep thoughts about the values he set forth. Then there are the people who I think really do this day justice and spend their time doing service work in their communities.

Today will not be a normal blog post. Instead, it’s an independent assignment. Please take some time out of your day to listen to Martin Luther King Jr.’s  iconic speech, and to read a separate piece of literature, the Letter from Birmingham Jail. Today I encourage you to think critically about your world and your life, and the events that are happening in your country.


The letter is available here as a PDF