Date Your Friends

Not romantically. Platonically date your friends.

Let me tell you a story: during the summer I had a standing date with my friend Cleo on Monday mornings. We’d go out to breakfast (sometimes lunch if she slept in late, which was often), get a pedicure together, go shopping. It was one of the best things I did all summer, if to just spend two hours with someone I cared about a week.

There is literally no one on earth who rolls their eyes harder when adults (or fellow young people– looking at you Odyssey articles) bring up how technology is destroying intimacy, our lives, the economy, world, etc. BUT there’s something wonderful and special about seeing someone in person. Even if you instagram your breakfast.

Chances are, your friends are cool! You’ll want to hang out with them and laugh with them and eye that cute guy with a man-bun with them. Or girl, I dunno.

My point is: friends are much less likely to let you down than a boy (or girl!) is. Boys are stupid– sorry, they are. I can’t wrap my mind around them. They’re too distant or too clingy. Or they’re a bipolar combination of both. Either way they’re gonna break your heart. Going on cute dates with your friends is much better, honestly, because there’s no expectation or awkwardness. This is a time where you don’t have to impress anyone, you can just have fun. Your friends won’t judge you when you eat a whole pizza by yourself (if you’re ever in the Dover NH area, do yourself a favor and go to La Festas). They’ll get bloated with you at Margaritas and will bitch and whine with you while you wait for nachos (I’ve done some weird shit with my friends– I could go on). There’s just good ole fashion gossip, chatter, and smack-talking.

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