Lessons from Sophomore Year

As I mentioned in my previous post, Sophomore year of college was quite the doozy—the Spring semester especially. It seemed that I was constantly either at work or doing my homework, with very little time for socializing or sleeping. Several times I felt extremely burnt out and spent a week in bed watching Netflix, dissociating, … Continue reading Lessons from Sophomore Year


Make Your Dreams Come True

Wow! Imagine when my surprise when I went to look at my stats and saw an unpublished draft-- you know, that thing I meant to post on Friday. Cue resigned sigh.   Hey Abs, see you missed another post. Yeah, I know. I’m sorry! April is just a totally busy, stressful time of the week. … Continue reading Make Your Dreams Come True

What I Want Out of This Semester

My feelings regarding the spring semester are complicated, to say the least. I know now that I won’t be staying in Philadelphia past this year, something that had already affected my motivation. Especially in regards to coming back to Philadelphia at all. But what do I want from this semester, my final at this particular … Continue reading What I Want Out of This Semester

Life’s A Hustle // First Semester Reflection

By the time this is posted, my first semester of college will be over. My last final will be over, and I will have nothing to do until mid-January when the Spring semester begins. Over the course of these couple months I’ve tried to be as open and transparent as possible about my experience, but … Continue reading Life’s A Hustle // First Semester Reflection