2016 Blog Development

We’re almost three (!!!) months into 2016 already, so naturally I’ve been thinking about this blog. I should be thinking about the art history midterm I have tomorrow, but well–

I had a resume review, which feels a bit silly because I’m just a freshman and don’t have a portfolio or anything, but the advice I was given was to make one. Luckily I have something like 60 posts or something of content to work with! But basically, I need to take what I’ve got (this blog, basically) and work with it. For me, that means being a degree more serious.

Not that there’s going to be a drastic overhaul of content. There probably won’t be any change, actually.

I’ve made a bit more of an effort to buy books published in 2016 (and by that I mean one, so far)– it’s more relevant from a reviewer standpoint. I am thinking about adjusting my posting schedule so I can increase post quality, and also based on my analytics. Not my analytics, exactly, but the one WordPress provides for me. Even then, that’s just a maybe.

I started this blog because I wanted to write more and get better and get feedback. I’m really proud, actually, because I am the worst and consistency. I never start a hobby and keep going at it. Never. Truth be told, I don’t really care if anyone reads this, but I do want people to. So that means going back to social media (ugh) and doing my marketing due-diligence.

Speaking of, personal branding is hard.

Writing a blog is something that used to embarrass me, because in this day and age who doesn’t have a blog? It’s a very millennial thing, isn’t it? But I really take pride in it now. So I should invest more time and effort into it.

I’m going to school to be a writer– kind of. I’m going to school for Advertising, with the ultimate goal of this to become a copywriter for some agency. But I’m not obsessed with ads like some people I know. I like to tell stories and am a gifted technical writer– a skill I consider pretty applicable to copywriting. But is that really what I want? Advertising is an opportunity for me to write professionally and also eat. I’m definitely not going to commit to ideas like “I want this blog to become my job” but if it led to a book or essay collection deal? I wouldn’t fight it. After all, I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

Actually, I’ll tell you my blog pipe dream. There’s a writing fellowship in Antarctica that I desperately want. The place I want to go the most on planet Earth is Antarctica, but it is hella expensive to go there without some sort of connection. Is a blog enough to get me there? Probably not, but also, maybe.



Whether we think consciously about it or not, we all make goals.

I am a success oriented person. Winning feels great. I don’t play sports, but I love to watch them, and I love to see the guy I’m rooting for win. If I find something and I think it’s meaningful, I automatically put 110% into it– it’s just part of who I am. For the moment, the thing on the top of the list is school and that’s how it’s been for a long time (we could get into how thinking about not being in school terrifies me, but, shudder).

I think this blog is getting up there. I’ve proven to myself that I can do this, publishing three times a week, so it’s about time I hack out some more concrete goals.

  1. Be more involved with the community
    Comment on more people’s blogs, first and foremost. I’ve also been thinking about starting a twitter account just for this blog (now that my personal one is private) so I can share relevant content to. I don’t want this blog to just be me typing words at a screen– I want an experience for me and my readers.
  2. Sustain a more unified style/theme
    Sometimes this blog is all over the place. I write about whatever I want, mostly, and that’s great. But sometimes my style dips from narrative to conversational, even in one post. This is something that can definitely be helped out by better scheduling and an organized tagging system.
    I definitely need to invest in a calendar or planner of some sort reserved for this blog only. Some weeks I have a huge output, where inspiration just hits me and I can write, three, four posts in a couple of hours. Other weeks I just have lists and quotes. I want to make sure there’s a better mix of all these things. It’s not fun to wake up on a Monday and realize you have nothing to post (like today).
  4. Photos and Photoshop
    I want to be able to have my own original photos and Photoshop my own graphics, which takes both time (on the Photoshop front) and money (on the camera front). It’s not question these things would improve the quality of this blog, but the question is availability. I might have to come back from this one– especially because I do not have the money to buy a new, nice camera right now. Even my phone camera is crap– I still rock the iPhone 4. Featured images with the title is also something I want to look into doing more, but once again, that would involve actually knowing what I’m doing beforehand.

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