Weird Sunburns and New Tattoos: the Start of Summer 2017

I have undeniably been terrible in every way about updating this poor, neglected blog. Hey! Who knew college was actually really difficult and time consuming! I do, now. It’s even difficult to write about what I’ve been reading, because I honestly have not been reading as of late. My Goodreads account pleasantly informs me that I am a whooping six books behind my goal. The last time I published something was on January 16th. Most of the time, this blog is an angry snarl of guilt in the back of my head.

But hey, it would be worse if I never published again, right?

The entire Spring Semester was a whirlwind of stress and my schedule was packed for the majority of it. Despite the arduous time, I still feel like I learned quite a bit, some of which I’d like to share. It was also my first full year at my new university, where I managed to feel like a Freshman all over again. My retrospective thoughts, however, deserve a post all their own.

It’s 90 degrees here in Boston as I write this, so the summer has undeniably begun, even after the cold and misIMG_0336erable May we’ve had. I even have the strangest sunburn to prove it. On a sunny and hot Thursday my new coworkers and I took the train out to Revere Beach, a location I was skeptical about. Being from Maine, I guess you can call me a bit of a beach snob. However, the beach turned out to be really lovely, and not the watch-out-for-needles kind of place I expected. The water was even not-freezing, though my friends didn’t exactly agree with that.

Also to celebrate summer I got myself a new tattoo! I managed to get an appointment at Brilliance in Allston, a badass shop with all lady artists. There’s something very relaxing about getting tattooed by another lady, and my artist Hannah and I chatted the whole time. The tattoo, of course, is gorgeous. Roses for my newly-graduated sister.

I’m both excited and not about staying in Boston for the summer. I have a job at the school that provides housing, and not having to worry about paying rent is certainly a luxury. I also have an internship at an all-female social media agency, which makes me a little less stressed about my future (trust me: communications students are always asking each other about what internships they’ve had). It’s hard not to miss Maine, though, especially in my tiny, stuffy room.IMG_0334

Besides going to work, I spend most days in the school library, where there is beautiful, beautiful air conditioning and couches to lay on (also where I took these pictures, as I’m sure you’ve guessed). To be quite honest, I have no idea what to expect from this summer. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I will be able to dedicate much of my time to reading, to learning to code (more), and to writing this blog.

As we’ve learned from the last, though, I promise nothing.


2017 Resolutions

In 2017 I want to be more like Lin-Manuel Miranda.

To say the least, 2016 has been a less than stellar year. But during the rocky course of time I’ve found that I have gained some perspective and a little bit of insight.

Probably the best part of the year is that Hamilton and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda continued to be a bright spot in the world, an endless source of creative out-put, positivity, and kindness. In 2017, I want to be more like him.

Far too often we view the world with apathetic eyes. This is something I have resorted to many times in the past. The world is hard— emotions are hard, so it’s easier to look away and feel nothing. I want to change that about myself. I want to care deeper and wider than I have before. I want to be moved to tears by the great and terrible acts of humanity. I want to experience the euphoria of the highs and yes, the despair of the lows. These things makes us more empathetic. We need to be more empathetic.

I want people I know in life to see me as someone bright and encouraging, someone who can be relied upon in highs and lows. This is not to say I want to completely abandon the part of myself who is calm under pressure and pushes through hard times. Rather, I find a need to strike a balance and free my emotions from how I often keep them inside.

Finally, I have a renewed desire to create. To create beautiful things that inspire emotions or thought. It’s something I’ve come to terms with, but I’m not truly happy unless I’m doing something. I need to be writing or learning something in order to feel fulfilled. Part of this need will be satisfied by a upcoming semester where I will surely be just as busy as the last, but another concrete goal I’ve set for myself is to learn how to code (HTML/CSS to start). Not only do I find coding interesting, but it also happens to be a great, marketable skill. I’ll try my hardest to document that process here.

2016 was a year of change. I have always hated change, if it comes suddenly and defies my expectations of something. This past year I have been forced to accept it, deal with it, because there was simply no other option than to keep moving forward. In 2016 my world changed; in 2017 I will be the one changing.