Recommended Reading

In the past half a year I have read two Margaret Atwood novels (the Handmaid's Tale and Hag Seed). So imagine my delight when the always fantastic Boston Review published an interview with the amazing woman herself and Junot Diaz. If your unfamiliar with Diaz, he is the author of several amazing novels himself, including … Continue reading Recommended Reading


Independent Assignment // MLK Day

Oh, MLK day. One of the stranger "holidays" in my opinion. A day where many college students will be returning to school, a day off that has students celebrating. A day where many people pretend to remember and honor a truly great man; a day where others honestly remember him and have deep thoughts about … Continue reading Independent Assignment // MLK Day

Recommended Reading: Magazine Edition

I don’t know how many people actually read physical magazines anymore. Presumable some people do or they would have fizzled up fast. Especially because I rock the dorm life, I do all my reading online. Like sensible people, obviously. I used to get Rolling Stone delivered to my house, back when they had credible content, … Continue reading Recommended Reading: Magazine Edition