Fenway, a Love Letter

When I was younger, before I lived in Boston, the neighborhood I would visit the most was Fenway (technically Fenway/Kenmore). It’s a big neighborhood, cradled by the Charles River and the city of Brookline. It’s where the Museum of Fine Arts is as well as, yeah, Fenway Park. Now I get to live there, on … Continue reading Fenway, a Love Letter


The Great Skate

The Great Skate, Bangor Location Study The Great Skate, Bangor Maine, is a place out of time. An old school roller rink, I think, because it’s not like I know what an old school roller rink actually looks like. There was a place to skate when I was a kid growing up, where my middle … Continue reading The Great Skate

Sorry, New Hampshire is NOT the Alabama of the North

(Obligatory disclaimer: I have never been to Alabama. Maybe it’s nice there, I don’t really know. But it makes a good stereotype.)   The New Hampshire primary was yesterday. Leading up to the event, there were a lot of articles on the state from various content sites. They talked about the “spirit” of the state or … Continue reading Sorry, New Hampshire is NOT the Alabama of the North

Philadelphia Ad-Agency Crawl

I mentioned last week that I was going on an adventure on Tuesday. Well I did! Along with several other people from my school’s ad club, we went on an “agency crawl” as they’re so called, and toured three different advertising agencies in Philadelphia. EVOKE HEALTH Pharma has a reputation for being stuffy and boring, … Continue reading Philadelphia Ad-Agency Crawl