2017 in Books

Well, things came down to the wire like they always do. I religiously track my reading on Goodreads, and at the start of December I was almost four books behind my goal of reading 29 books in 2017. I managed to complete that goal by cramming in four (three novels and a poetry collection) in the … Continue reading 2017 in Books


A Sweetest Melancholy

Faithful and Virtuous Night by Louise Gluck. Published 2014 by Farrar, Straus, and Grioux. 71 pages (paperback). Ghosts haunt these pages. This is a poetry collection, which is not something I can say I read much of, but with a few weeks left in the year and several books to read before I meet my goal … Continue reading A Sweetest Melancholy

An American Novel in a Time of Unrest

East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Published 1952 by Penguin. 601 Pages. Like many American schoolkids, my first introduction to Steinbeck was in Middle School with Of Mice and Men. There is a beautiful simplicity to Steinbeck’s prose, though the same certainly cannot be said for the careful and intricate construction of the plot. A … Continue reading An American Novel in a Time of Unrest

Austen Almighty’s Year End Reading Wrap-Up

Another year, another reading wrap-up. In 2016 I read 28 books and it took me until the last minute to get it done-- I finished my last book, Colson Whithead's Underground Railroad about an hour before writing this. For the full list, feel free to head over to my Goodreads, where I track all of my … Continue reading Austen Almighty’s Year End Reading Wrap-Up