2017 Resolutions

In 2017 I want to be more like Lin-Manuel Miranda.

To say the least, 2016 has been a less than stellar year. But during the rocky course of time I’ve found that I have gained some perspective and a little bit of insight.

Probably the best part of the year is that Hamilton and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda continued to be a bright spot in the world, an endless source of creative out-put, positivity, and kindness. In 2017, I want to be more like him.

Far too often we view the world with apathetic eyes. This is something I have resorted to many times in the past. The world is hard— emotions are hard, so it’s easier to look away and feel nothing. I want to change that about myself. I want to care deeper and wider than I have before. I want to be moved to tears by the great and terrible acts of humanity. I want to experience the euphoria of the highs and yes, the despair of the lows. These things makes us more empathetic. We need to be more empathetic.

I want people I know in life to see me as someone bright and encouraging, someone who can be relied upon in highs and lows. This is not to say I want to completely abandon the part of myself who is calm under pressure and pushes through hard times. Rather, I find a need to strike a balance and free my emotions from how I often keep them inside.

Finally, I have a renewed desire to create. To create beautiful things that inspire emotions or thought. It’s something I’ve come to terms with, but I’m not truly happy unless I’m doing something. I need to be writing or learning something in order to feel fulfilled. Part of this need will be satisfied by a upcoming semester where I will surely be just as busy as the last, but another concrete goal I’ve set for myself is to learn how to code (HTML/CSS to start). Not only do I find coding interesting, but it also happens to be a great, marketable skill. I’ll try my hardest to document that process here.

2016 was a year of change. I have always hated change, if it comes suddenly and defies my expectations of something. This past year I have been forced to accept it, deal with it, because there was simply no other option than to keep moving forward. In 2016 my world changed; in 2017 I will be the one changing.


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