The Joy of Creation

Cre – ate
bring (something) into existence

The act of creating something is a nice feeling. There’s something very secure in knowing that something would not exist without you. It makes you feel important, necessary. Accomplished.

I recently taught myself how to knit hats. I completed my first one, and although lumpy, I would not have a soft, knit beanie if I hadn’t made it myself. I made a fuzzy ring of happiness in me.

Of course, the act of creation can get much, much bigger than knitting a hat. Architects create buildings, couples create babies. All remarkable, new things.

Creating is a nuanced, often difficult process no matter what it is. When I struggle, there are certain sources I go to for inspiration, creators I admire. These are some

Casey Neistat

The Art Assignment The baby of Sarah Green (John Green’s wife), this channel produces amazing content on well, art. My favorite series is the “The Case for…”

Nerdwriter A video essayist who produces content on a couple of different topics, mostly around some form of media.

Do you ever feel like someone is inside your brain? Like Nerdwriter, Kristian is does video essays on everything I’ve ever thought was cool, mostly focusing on media. His latest was on Childish Gambino and and multiplicity of the modern artist. His last video on the design of the alien from Alien got repackaged at a WIRED article.


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