Required Reading

Today's post is a Required Reading, written by David Ortiz to the city of New York. The past few days were the legend's last playing at Yankee Stadium. Ortiz wrote a beautiful letter to the city and its fans. Thanks for the Memories, New York by David Ortiz  Some players are born to be Yankees, … Continue reading Required Reading


Thoughts from Thoughts from Places

A few weeks ago I wrote about now having a house, a home, anymore. About my dad losing his job. He’s since taken off on a cross country road trip where he’s sort of living out of his car, visiting museums, and avoiding crowds. It’s the kind of adventure that if he were the type … Continue reading Thoughts from Thoughts from Places

What Do I Want? (A Frequent Evaluation)

Ok. Hello. It’s no secret I’ve been really, really bad with posting over the summer. No, not even summer, since April. There are reasons, like family events and mental exhaustions, but truthfully I always thought this would happen. I’m not great at consistency, but the intense structure of college provided me with a schedule which … Continue reading What Do I Want? (A Frequent Evaluation)