The Enigma of Megyn Kelly

In light of the most recent Republican debate, which without Trump turned out to be the most productive and substantial of all, I read an article about Megyn Kelly. I never watch the debates, even the Democratic ones, for the reason that I refuse to participate in the blatant media circus. Especially when it concerns … Continue reading The Enigma of Megyn Kelly


Speak When Not Spoken To

The Importance of Participation (And as much as I hate to admit it, group projects) In a job environment, if you don’t speak up about your ideas, you don’t have them. In (most) job environments, every project is a group project. “Real life” is inherently participatory. It would be the utmost shame of the education … Continue reading Speak When Not Spoken To

Independent Assignment // MLK Day

Oh, MLK day. One of the stranger "holidays" in my opinion. A day where many college students will be returning to school, a day off that has students celebrating. A day where many people pretend to remember and honor a truly great man; a day where others honestly remember him and have deep thoughts about … Continue reading Independent Assignment // MLK Day

Music to My Ears // What I’ve Been Listening to

I used to be addicted to podcasts. In high school I would set up my playlist and listen for hours while I did my homework, washed the dishes, knit, made dinner. Anything. As a chronic multitasker, I would've listened to Podcasts and watched TV at the same time if it were possible. In my heyday, … Continue reading Music to My Ears // What I’ve Been Listening to