2015 has been a year divided. In the first half, I graduated high school, turned 18, and worked my ass off all summer at a job I hated. In the second half, I moved away from a home I loved but thought I needed to escape from, settled for a college I didn't love, and … Continue reading 2015


For the Love of Christmas

Every year I go through the same cycle: around Thanksgiving I dread Christmas. I’m always just so disappointed by it, it’s too early to care, etc. Then, mid-December, I go crazy. I clean, I decorate, I spend way too much money on presents. Then Christmas comes and I am, in fact, tragically disappointed like I … Continue reading For the Love of Christmas

Life’s A Hustle // First Semester Reflection

By the time this is posted, my first semester of college will be over. My last final will be over, and I will have nothing to do until mid-January when the Spring semester begins. Over the course of these couple months I’ve tried to be as open and transparent as possible about my experience, but … Continue reading Life’s A Hustle // First Semester Reflection

Philadelphia Ad-Agency Crawl

I mentioned last week that I was going on an adventure on Tuesday. Well I did! Along with several other people from my school’s ad club, we went on an “agency crawl” as they’re so called, and toured three different advertising agencies in Philadelphia. EVOKE HEALTH Pharma has a reputation for being stuffy and boring, … Continue reading Philadelphia Ad-Agency Crawl

Recommended Reading: Magazine Edition

I don’t know how many people actually read physical magazines anymore. Presumable some people do or they would have fizzled up fast. Especially because I rock the dorm life, I do all my reading online. Like sensible people, obviously. I used to get Rolling Stone delivered to my house, back when they had credible content, … Continue reading Recommended Reading: Magazine Edition